Our Team

You will not have to go it alone.

We, at ASCW, realize that change can be daunting and difficult to navigate. As such, we would be honored to guide you on your journey toward greater awareness, insight & acceptance, and empowerment & action. We are here to help you help yourself through all seasons of your life. We understand that metamorphosis – your growth & change – involves beauty & pain. Together, we will foster resilience and compassion to endure & find meaning in life’s hardships.

The Associates of Arbor Sana Counseling & Wellness, Inc.

At ASCW, we recognize that meaningful change emerges through and results from warm, empathic, and non-judgmental relationships that rest upon a foundation of mutual authenticity, accountability, and collaboration. The associates of ASCW, when taken together, possess decades of clinical experience and advanced education in clinical mental health counseling and social work. As such, we promote the highest standard of mental health care and treatment. ASCW is committed to providing you with quality, effective, and evidence-based care. Our associates are required to uphold and maintain professional standards of practice, follow all applicable state licensure laws and rules, and abide by the ethical codes of our professional associations.

Meet Our Therapists

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Theresa Brixius 1280-1280

Theresa Brixius, LPCC (she/her)

As a Certified Mindfulness-Informed Clinician, I will help you learn how the principles of mindfulness can be.

Chase Morgan-Swaney, LPCC (he/him)

I serve clients from a wellness and strengths-based approach. Together, we'll foster a relationship based on authenticity.
Brenda Dillane

Brenda Dillane, LPCC-S (she/her)

My approach to counseling is client-centered and integrative. This means you determine your goals and I support.
Marcos Ghali 1280-1280

Marcos Ghali, PhD, LPCC (he/him)

My counseling approach is toward wellness and healing. I will partner with you to find answers to.
Victoria Frazier 1280-1280

Victoria Frazier, LPC (she/her)

I believe in working collaboratively with you to meet you where you are and develop solutions that.
Ellen Severson 1280-1280

Ellen Severson, LISW (she/her)

My clients are individuals who are looking for help to increase happiness, discover more peace and contentment,.

Gail Babcock (she/her)

Office Receptionist