Adult ADHD Assessment

Adult ADHD Assessment

Difficulty getting started, staying focused, sustaining effort, and remembering the task at hand?

The associates of Arbor Sana offer testing and evaluation for adults who suspect they may be living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

When to Come for an Adult ADHD Assessment

From time to time, people living in our fast-paced, high-demand society experience hiccups in their executive functioning. Executive functioning is comprised of concentrating, organizing, problem-solving, time management, and self-regulation. However, if daily life has been chronically impacted by difficulties with executive functioning skills and these difficulties cause significant distress and impairment in important areas like school or work, seeking an adult ADHD assessment may be a helpful first step to address executive functioning difficulties.

How Can an Adult ADHD Assessment Help?

Assessment may open the door to treatment

We all have those moments when our executive functioning goes haywire. We might forget a loved one’s birthday, say something we didn’t intend, or have a difficult time keeping focused on a task. This may be especially true when feeling stressed, tired, or bored.

However, if you find that you are experiencing difficulties with getting started, staying focused, sustaining effort, and remembering the task at hand regardless of stress, fatigue, or boredom and that these experiences have consistently contributed to issues in school, at work, or in relationships since you were a child or adolescent, undergoing testing and evaluation for ADHD may be the first step toward treatment.

The associates of ASCW are equipped to test for and treat ADHD

Folks who live with ADHD may experience any number of the following symptoms:

Our Adult ADHD Assessment Protocol

Your first step is to call us to schedule your initial session. Arbor Sana’s adult ADHD assessment protocol consists of three sessions. During the first session, you will provide some background about yourself and the reasons you are seeking an ADHD assessment. In addition, your assessor will be able to answer your questions regarding services, confidentiality, and what to expect throughout the assessment protocol.

During your second session, your assessor will administer between 3-5 assessment measures. Between sessions two and three, your assessor will score and interpret the results of the assessment measures and develop a summary report of the results of the assessment.

During your third session, you and your assessor will collaboratively review the results of the assessment, discuss any treatment recommendations based on the results, and answer any questions you may have at the conclusion of the adult ADHD assessment protocol. Additionally, you will be asked to complete a release of information authorization form if your assessor must email, fax, or mail the summary report directly to another provider (e.g., therapist, primary care practitioner, psychiatrist, etc.).

Call (440) 895-0366 or email to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Adult ADHD Assessment Include: